The Players Alliance was formed by a group of Black Major League Baseball players, standing together to change our game and use our platform for positive change.

What’s happening in our world right now is a direct result of decades of unaddressed prejudice and inequalities that play out in our game and in our streets. We might wear different uniforms, but we are all one team. We have channeled our common systemic outrage into something more. Something powerful. Something that will make history.

See, most of us grew up idolizing Ken Griffey Jr., Reggie Jackson, Gary Sheffield, Torii Hunter, and others. They represented the Black community in baseball and revolutionized the game for so many of us, inspiring us on our journeys. We all share that common fanship for a number of reasons, like their talent and charisma. But also because these players were some of the only guys in the game that looked like us. Fast forward a few decades, and not much has changed in baseball. The faces of color within our game are few and far between—from top to bottom, ownership, front office staff, clubhouses, and fans. This majority has enjoyed the luxury and privilege of looking the other way, leaving it up to us, the outnumbered, to implement real change.

This committee represents the population of Black players in professional baseball. We are the Ken Griffey Jrs for today’s young Black kids looking for someone that looks like them on television and in ballparks. We represent less than 8% of professional baseball players, which is quickly declining. We may be the minority, but our voice is loud and our mission is clear: we are the faces of change in the game we love so much.

With a heightened awareness and mainstream attention focused on racial injustice, now is the time to take action towards dismantling structural inequalities. Our All-Star committee includes some of the game’s greatest stars and best young talent, deeply dedicated to channeling our resources more efficiently to instill real, lasting change.

We work hard to be the best athletes we can be on the field. Now, we will channel that same energy in these essential efforts off the field. If you’re down for the cause, please join us.

One Team. One Dream. Be the Change.

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