The Players Alliance invested one million dollars to support communities of color in a safe, socially distant, and responsible capacity, while providing them with the resources they need most. Their needs are great, so our efforts must be greater. In order to institute significant changes, we need to be able to pull up to as many Black communities as possible to help give folks the resources they need, whether it be food, aid, comforts, and of course, access to equipment and spaces to play baseball.


The Players Alliance partnered with Pull Up Neighbor, a Black-owned community response team that aided our efforts to reach tens of thousands of our neighbors in need.

MLB Players

neighbors served

million worth of baseball equipment distributed

cities reached

TPA’s Pull Up Neighbor mobile tour featured the following stations at each of our events:


Our main attraction, providing baseball gear and equipment to Black youth/teens and teams


In partnership with local food banks, each location featured a pop-up pantry, providing fresh produce and shelf-stable products


Supplying face coverings, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products

Here’s a look at all of the cities we pulled up to.

12/01/20: The Bronx, NY

12/02/20: Brooklyn, NY

12/04/20: Philadelphia, PA

12/05/20: Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC

12/06/20: Hampton, VA

12/09/20: Cleveland, OH

12/11/20: Flint & Detroit, MI

12/12/20: Chicago, IL

12/13/20: Chicago, IL

12/14/20: Milwaukee, WI

12/16/20: St. Louis, MO

12/17/20: Cincinnati, OH

12/18/20: Louisville, KY

12/19/20: Nashville, TN

12/20/20: Atlanta, GA

12/21/20: Charlotte, NC

01/02/21: Orlando, FL

01/03/21: Tampa, FL


01/04/21: Ft. Pierce, FL

01/05/21: Miami, FL

01/08/21: Hattiesburg, MS

01/09/21: Houston, TX

01/10/21: Dallas, TX

01/13/21: Phoenix, AZ

01/14/21: Las Vegas, NV

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