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Press Release Opening Day 2020

July 23, 2020 – The Players Alliance, a non-profit organization founded by more than 100 Black current and former professional baseball players, announces its formation.

Under the leadership of Curtis Granderson, CC Sabathia and Edwin Jackson, The Players Alliance is focused on creating an inclusive culture within baseball, providing greater opportunities for the Black community, both in our game and the places we live in, play in, and care about most.

The organization is powered by some of the game’s biggest stars, past and present, representing a large majority of the Black population in baseball, which currently sits at less than 8%. The roster includes Aaron Hicks, Aaron Judge, Andrew McCutchen, Cameron Maybin, David Price, Dee Gordon, Dexter Fowler, Giancarlo Stanton, Jackie Bradley Jr., Jason Heyward, Mookie Betts, Tim Anderson and legendary greats like Jimmy Rollins, Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, and Torii Hunter to name a few.

The Players Alliance’s viral social justice video acted as a catalyst to form this organization, featuring a group of powerful Black baseball players that felt voiceless in expressing social issues regarding their culture as the stark minority in the game.

The group has already started to implement programming, including a player-led Mentorship Program, in which they hosted their first virtual event with the class of Black players represented in the 2020 MLB Draft. Additionally, they’ve launched Gear For Good, an equipment-drive initiative providing communities of color the necessary tools to play the game, and the Alliance Access Program, which provides resources, education, and advancement opportunities for the Black community.

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The Players Alliance is a non-profit organization founded by more than 100 Black professional baseball players. Our mission is to create an inclusive culture within baseball by providing greater opportunities for the Black community, both in our game and across the communities we care about most. We will work tirelessly for equality at every level, from the field to the front office, to combat racial prejudice and ensure a future for our sport that is inclusive to all.


“I’ve had these conversations with Black players for years, discussing ways to improve our game from top to bottom. Now, with The Players Alliance, we have strength in numbers and are committed to creating more opportunities in all facets of our game for the Black community.” – Curtis Granderson

“Our group is so special because it’s player-driven. Every guy involved is all-in, committed to using their voice and resources to support Black kids and families – something we’ve all done independently, and now, together as one team.” – CC Sabathia

“It’s so powerful to have this many players working together as one team for a common cause, supporting each other. We’re in this for as long as it takes to change the game.” – Edwin Jackson

“We all share one goal, to use our platform to be the voice for racial equality in our game. I’m going to continue to play the game the way it’s meant to be played; continue to be me, continue to grow, and continue to get the Black community behind me. Together, we’ll inspire the next generation of Black ballplayers.” – Tim Anderson

“We are determined to continue the conversation of equality, in our game and in our world. The Players Alliance is our collective voice for the Black community, breaking barriers and paving the way for generations to follow.” – Jason Heyward

“Our brotherhood has always been strong, but now, it’s unbreakable. Our work today will pave the way for African Americans in our game and our community.” – Dexter Fowler

“The Players Alliance is so much bigger than our roster of active players. We represent the population of Black players in our game – those before us, and those to follow us. What we are doing is so much bigger than baseball. Change is coming!” – Dee Gordon

“We have all experienced first-hand racial prejudice, on and off the field. We’ve been afraid to speak up, until now. This group is willing to do the work to help change the game for the better – for our kids and generations to follow.” – Cameron Maybin

“We want the Black community in baseball to know that they are not alone. The Players Alliance is here, fighting for your future in this game, and we will be here to continue that fight for as long as it takes.” – Ryan Howard

“This is the first time Black players in Major League Baseball have come together to share their voice, to represent the Black community in our game. Whether it’s to stand up and shield or fall back and listen, I’m here as a resource for my brothers in baseball.” – Jimmy Rollins

“In this next chapter, I’m excited to share my knowledge of the game with the next group of Black players and help implement real change in the game of baseball.” – Prince Fielder